Beautiful day at the Crooked Can Oktoberfest and 

another chance to see our friends from The Villages, FL

Always good to see our friend Walt Harfmann

all the way from Texas!

He even sat in for a few songs with us

in the Gostilna at Slovenefest 2019!


Thanks Glynis Miculka Harfmann for the picture!

2019 Euclid Memorial Day Parade

Polka Hall of Fame Parade Float Band

L to R: Patty Candela, Linda Hochevar, Frank Moravcik

Ray Zalokar, Phil Hrvatin, Paul "Pops" Magooch

Photo courtesy of Polka Hall of Fame President, Joe Valencic

Fun at a Sock Hop

Sugar Creek, Ohio

The 42N Brewery, East Aurora, NY

The gang was came out to NY for Phil Yan and his Polka Pals

including some of the St. Clair Boys

providing some intermission entertainment and sitting in with the band.

Always a good time at the 42N Brewery!

In Memory of Steve Kucenski


We had the pleasure of performing one last time with

our friend Steve Kucenski at the Atalanta Oktoberfest

in downtown Atlanta, Georgia October 12-14, 2018

Please visit the Atlanta Oktoberfest 2018 page

for more pictures from this event.

All photos from Atlanta Oktoberfest courtesy of 

Derrick Palms

Photographer extraordinaire

Please call him if ever in need of a photographer in the Atlanta area.


"Capture Life"

Thank you again Derrick for capturing this weekend for us!

Polka Hall of Fame float for Memorial Day Parade 2018

Photo that appeared on the cover page of the News Herald

April 9th edition accompanying an article on the

36th Super Button Box Bash held at the Slovenian Society Home in Euclid, Ohio and attended by hundreds.

Great day and great time had by all!

Congratulations to Linda Hochevar

2017 Trustees Honor Roll Inductee for the

Polka Hall of Fame!

About the Band

     Based in Cleveland, Ohio, The Frank Moravcik Band was formed in 1995. Frank's band is best known for "Cleveland Style" polka music, however, has the ability to perform a wide variety of different styles of polka music including Czech, Polish, and German polka and waltz music as well as favorite dance songs and pop tunes too. Frank was highly influenced by America's Polka King, Frankie Yankovic, having had an opportunity to travel and perform with the Polka King at numerous venues. This led him to form his own band and become a popular mainstay in the Cleveland ethnic music scene.

     Frank's band has been honored by various organizations including the National Cleveland-Style Polka Hall of Fame and Frank is a past honoree of the Musician of the Year designation by the Collinwood Slovenian Home in Cleveland, Ohio. His band was the recipient of the Best New/Young Band award from the Polka Hall of Fame. Frank was also recognized as Musician of the Year by the Cleveland-Style Polka Hall of Fame and the band has received numerous Hall of Fame nominations in the categories of Band of the Year and Album of the Year.

     Over the years Frank has hosted a number of polka bus tours and performed solo and with the band on cruise ships and various tours. He has performed all through Ohio as well as in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, New York, Minnesota, Tennessee, Texas, and Washington D.C. Internationally he has performed in Canada and the Netherlands. Throughout his career, Frank has also hosted and produced several popular polka radio shows on various local stations as well as hosted polka streamcasts on the Internet.

     Frank has produced three CDs, which you can find available for purchase on our Merchandise page. He has also been a guest recording artist on several other popular recordings with other bands, one of which is the Frankenmuth Christmas album, also available on the Merchandise page.


Please check out our Band Schedule page for information on upcoming appearances.


Musical entertainment is available for your event with pricing to fit your budget as a strolling or single, duo, trio, or 4-piece band to cover all your entertainment needs. 

Call Frank to discuss price at 216-509-1141.


Available locally or we will travel to your private parties or dances, weddings, Oktoberfests, church festivals, polka festivals, clubs, concerts in the park, polka tours, or any other reason you have for wanting some great ethnic and popular music for your event.

Where it all got started....

2015 marked the twentieth anniversary of the Frank Moravcik Band. It all started at Karlin Hall at a Wednesday Night concert. The band that was booked to play, canceled. Joe Beno, the music director at that time, called me and asked if I could play. I told him I’d love to, but don’t have a band. He said, “Don’t worry, I’ll find a drummer and you’ll be fine.” I got to the hall and it was a full house. I set up my accordion and Paul Stejskal walked in. I had never met him before. The evening went well and Paul and I became good friends. It was then that I decided to form the band.

     Soon after, I met Elmer Phillips, who played banjo and guitar and was wonderful with people and had great stage presence. I asked him to join the band, and he did. The band was doing great, but I wanted a bigger sound. I have always admired Frank Yankovic and wanted to have a similar sound. I heard Dan Peters play at Karlin Hall and thought he would be a great addition. We jobbed around then Dan eventually joined the band. All of the important elements were there. Paul gave the band a strong steady beat, Elmer was the fun crowd pleaser, I was the front man, and Dan gave the band a big sound. Over the next several years, we played many venues and had a wonderful time doing it.

     The band currently find themselves traveling more and other local musicians from wherever we travel will join us from time to time. I have also added the talents of Linda Hochevar on the button accordion. Linda also manages the website and merchandise sales for the band. Because of this she has been affectionately nicknamed, “Ida” after Ida Yankovic. The original members of the band are all good friends and work together whenever an opportunity presents. I want to thank all of the people that support our music by attending a dance or purchasing merchandise and all that travel with us. Playing for all of you is a labor of love that I could not live without.

God bless you all and hope to see you soon!

Please scroll to bottom of page for booking/contact info.

Magic Buttons Band

Linda Hochevar has headed up Magic Buttons Band for the past 23 years. The group was formed in 1995 and originally consisted of eight members. The band now performs with 3-5 members and our music consists of polkas, waltzes, and some pop selections. We have produced three recordings and have traveled to various venues in the United States as well as hosted and played for polka tours and Caribbean cruises. The band has received several nominations from the National Cleveland-Style Polka Hall of Fame and in the past has been awarded the Button Box Group of the Year Award. In 2017 Linda was inducted in the Cleveland-Style Polka Hall of fame as a Trustee's Honor Roll Recipient. We are available for private parties, dances, oktoberfests, polka festivals. Contact information is listed below.

Hope to see you soon.

Call either number below for bookings.


Phone: 216-509-1141

Email: [email protected]


Phone: 216-970-8459

Email: [email protected]